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Saturday rest…

Saturdays are more like rest days at home with tv and surfing these days… Not that I’m complaining. In fact, I’ve started my writing course again… Just resuming where I left off… Decided to start again as tge skills are more relevant to my job these days… Just pray that I’ll not need another extension..

What do I have to thank God for today?

What do I have to thank God for today?

For a change, I should give thanks to the things that happened today. A change of focus may do me some good. So what do I have to thank God for today?

  • Not getting yelled at for a grave mistake I made.
  • Not overwhelmed by work.
  • Got my haircut.
  • Reach home before 9pm.
  • Have the time and opportunity to type this out as music is playing in the background.

Nasty Monday morning…

A spew of nasties on this post holiday Monday morning… In fact, I forgot that it was a holiday on Saturday… Maybe that has got to do with the series of events this morning?

  • Woken up by bike alarm being triggered as some bugger’s pillion used my bike as a stand to get up on their own bike.
  • Nearly ran over twice by a car, same one. Once when he forced me to take evasive action into another lane. Another time when he went in front of me and slammed his brakes. Apparently he was not happy that I honked him for trying to railroad me.
  • Usual breakfast place stopped selling their breakfast set so I made a mistake of trying out Subway at Rafflescity. Staff wasn’t too happy about making me a breakfast sandwich. Don’t know why. But I ended up with a soggy piece of crap for breakfast. This will be the first and last time I’m buying breakfast from there.

That about sums it up for my morning so far and it’s only 8.50am…

Update 10.30pm:

  • Office network went down for quite a while.
  • Messed up some work for client, got to do quick rectification.
  • Office aircon broke down, had to work in a sauna like environment for whole day.
  • Broke my pen cap in the middle of a meeting. Embarrassing.
  • Ordered my dinner first but got served later. My order was a plate of nasty tasting mee goreng while the other table had 3 dishes.


Feline Surprise!


Originally uploaded by I@n.

Woke up to a surprise find of 3 kittens supposedly abandoned by their mother under our living room couch.. Don’t ask me how they got there… Fed them and put them to bed before we decide on what to do next.. Headache..


The mother came back for the kittens but strangly only for 2 of them. She left the black striped one… Hope she comes back for him tomorrow…

Let it glide…

I starting to see taxi drivers running up to a certain speed and changing their gears to neutral and letting their taxis glide until the speed slows down to a certain level before engaging the gear and stepping on the gas again… Would this really save fuel?