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PPP Direct.. Something new…

For those who are looking to get paid for blogging, something new has come out of the PayPerPost service. The PPP Direct program. PPP is a kind of word of mouth marketing that’s getting pretty popular among bloggers who are looking to get some form of income for their blogs.

But with many of such programs come with a problem that bloggers encounter frequently, that is the high amount of charges that bloggers have to pay. The posts are charged with a 50-100% markup and the bloggers get only half of what they supposed to be paid. The advantage of this new PPP Direct is that you only have to pay 10% of whatever’s being paid to you.

This is in addition to the question of if you really do get paid. PPP acts sort of like an escrow service that ensure both parties gain completely from the transaction. In such an arrangement nobody gets played out.

The additional marketing that bloggers get from this PPP Direct service is also a plus point. There’ll be a directory of listing that will help to expose bloggers under this plan to more advertisers that would potentially want to advertise on their blog.

So for those who are looking to earn some little income from your blogs, try it out.

Online backups…

I still remember last year around this time where I lost 6 months of my work, data and emails due to a hard disk crash. 6 months is a lot of data lost even for a small company like ours! No fun. No fun at all. If we’ve got something like IDrive-E at that time, I would have been able to recover my stuff.

They are basically an online backup service that provides up to 2GB of space for your backups. They have a client that you can use to setup automatic backups so that it’s a total hands off system. In an event where you need to recover your data, you can even choose which generation you would like to restore the backup from. And the best part is, the basic setup is FREE!

There are many alternatives out there and some even offer around the same thing with their software, but nothing beats having it FREE. Even for the paid service, the price seems pretty reasonable given that it’s for a yearly pricing. There was a similar service offered in Singapore by a local company many years back but the price you pay is on a monthly basis and you don’t get this amount of space.

I’m definitely going to try them out. At least when something crashes next time, I won’t have to worry about loosing too much data.

Paid to blog?

I first knew about PayPerPost in an entry on Mandrake‘s blog about it. They provide advertisers the opportunity to advertise on blogs of other bloggers. Deciding that there’s no harm in trying this out, I signed up an account and started looking around the site and its list of opportunities.

Like Mandrake, I choose to take up only opportunities that I can relate to. In fact, there was one opportunity that was about writing a poem about shrimps that I was so interested in that I still wrote something about it even though I’ve missed the opportunity. I had waited only one day ‘cos I had to crack my brain with my friend for a poem and it was gone by the time I logged back in. We had fun coming up with the poem though. Heh…

I’ve got 3 approved posts so far and I’m still waiting for the posts to run till their end dates before payment, $16 for 3 posts is quite alright, it’s just going to just help me offset some of my hosting cost but still, it’s great to have a channel that helps in supplementing something that I do for for fun.

Movie: Bug

It was a boring Sunday and I was going through the Apple Quicktime movie trailer site checking out what upcoming movies there are when I spotted this movie called “Bug” starring Ashley Judd, one of my favourite actresses.

As far as I know, I don’t remember her doing any horror films so it’ll be interesting to know how she fares in this movie. As the story goes, the characters met when they were introduced and got together. Initially the guy suspected he got infected by a bug or something like that, then it seems like the other characters got infected gradually or they thought they were infected by something and that where things seem to get gross and horrible. They start to cut themselves up in order to get the “bug” out and they seem to have horrific episodes like spasms, fits etc. There were some scenes of weird looking aluminum foil room as well. Didn’t see the bug though but that kind keeps us in suspense.

Looks quite good though. But we’ll know more when it’s finally released, like I said, it’ll be interesting to know how Ashley Judd does in a horror movie as well as to see how the bug actually looks like.


Bookkeeping help for small business

This is another pay per post opportunity but it does offer something I wished I had access to when I first started my business 4 years ago.

We used to have a book keeper that cost us around $100 per month and all she does was to come to our office and close the accounts. Given the fact that we did most of the entries correctly, she was in only to check and make sure the entries are correct, we were paying quite a lot for her.

For Accounting Paradise, I think their bookkeeping pricing seems pretty reasonable and it’s all online. So I’m guessing they’ll have the records online for us to transfer to an accounting system when we need to. I think their system is catered for US environment though, so I guess businesses in Singapore won’t be able to engage their services.

Those in the US should consider though, it’s quite a good price to pay for your accounts to be kept in order.

Wooden window blinds…

I just signed up for payperpost and interestingly one of the opportunities involved writing about blinds.

It so happens that my brother bought a wooden one when he converted one of the rooms our house that used to store old unwanted stuff into his work/bed room. He cleaned up the place and clear most of the useless stuff out of the room. One of the things that he took down was the old window blinds that’s no longer working. No longer working as in the blind could not be lowered anymore. Some machanism’s broken.

So the other day he went and bought a wooden one. Not bad looking actually. The blind didn’t cost him much and it’s pretty presentable. He and his girlfriend actually added some blinking lights around the window, corny but it does enhance on the looks of the room. Kind of a weird zen and not zen kind of feel to the room now. Only thing is that hopefully it stays workable longer than the previous one.