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Movie: Spiderman 3

Finally caught Spiderman 3 last night. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

It’s rare to find a movie that can meld emotions and special effects so well, although the Spiderman storyline has always been very strong.

The fight scenes were superb and I really like the part where the sandman first animated himself back to shape. The digital theatre helped as well in enhancing the digital effects.

Catch it!

Movie: Bug

It was a boring Sunday and I was going through the Apple Quicktime movie trailer site checking out what upcoming movies there are when I spotted this movie called “Bug” starring Ashley Judd, one of my favourite actresses.

As far as I know, I don’t remember her doing any horror films so it’ll be interesting to know how she fares in this movie. As the story goes, the characters met when they were introduced and got together. Initially the guy suspected he got infected by a bug or something like that, then it seems like the other characters got infected gradually or they thought they were infected by something and that where things seem to get gross and horrible. They start to cut themselves up in order to get the “bug” out and they seem to have horrific episodes like spasms, fits etc. There were some scenes of weird looking aluminum foil room as well. Didn’t see the bug though but that kind keeps us in suspense.

Looks quite good though. But we’ll know more when it’s finally released, like I said, it’ll be interesting to know how Ashley Judd does in a horror movie as well as to see how the bug actually looks like.


The number 23


The Number 23. I like it. Took a risk to watch this movie as Jim Carrey’s not really that known for his serious acts. Surprisingly, he did rather well, although there were moments where the theatre still lauged out for some small little things.

My friend told me seeing Jim Carrey and the dog in the movie reminded her of Ace Ventura. Guess to a certain degree we still see him as a comedian. Anyway, overall a nice movie, not the usual plot, don’t think it’ll be a waste to catch it.