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Rare day ride on a beautiful evening…

I usually do my rides in the middle of the night where there are less cars on the road but today’s an exception. I was on my way back from cooking class when the evening sun coupled with the strong breeze made the weather look and feel so good. It felt so wrong if I were to just go home and sit there so I took my bike out for a short ride.

Seeing how beautiful the weather was, I decided to lay back and enjoy the ride by taking it slow and trying another route that I’ve been meaning to try out. I was really mistaken to think that it would be an easier ride than my usual circuit.

The wind was blowing really strong and somehow I was riding into the wind most of the time. I was going slower than usual, struggling more, tiring out faster and my heart rate was above my preset range for most of the ride.

Surprisingly this new route doesn’t seem to require me to stop as often for vehicles, I should try this route for my usual night rides. There’s also more uphill sections but it turned out to be a good route for some good leg work. I’m wondering why I didn’t try this route before.

Near the end of the ride I realised why I’m tiring out faster and going slower. In all the excitement about the nice weather and trying out the new route, I’ve forgotten to pace myself, I was just bulldozing through the ride on a really high gear. After realising my mistake, I geared down and started pacing myself and taking note of my cadence and heart rate. Soon after that I was back into my regular speed and wasn’t feeling as tired.

Finished the ride with a short sprint to the open space car park. While I was doing some warming down and stretching, I realised that there’s actually quite a considerable amount of people who are actually doing some form of exercise around this area. There are people having a game of street soccer in the street soccer corner and there’s also a game going on at the soccer field in the school next to it. Also, a few groups of families are just hanging around and enjoying each other’s company before dinner.

Overall a very nice way to spend the evening, I should try and do this more often.