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Riding into the future…

As I woke up for my ride this morning, it never occur to me that I’ll be sitting here now writing this. Thoughts are running through my head but I just can’t seem to be able to put structure them into the words and express them as I would like to but here goes.

Nothing beats a morning ride.

As I zipped through the quiet neighbourhood, with the sound of the wind rushing by my ears, the feeling of the cool morning breeze running through my hair directed through the air vents in the helmet makes me feel fresh even though I’m sweating like a pig and my muscles are screaming for me to stop from all the effort.

One thing I can’t help but notice is the number of old folks that are sleeping at the bus stops. What are they doing sleeping here at this ungodly hour? I can definitely say that they are not waiting for buses as there aren’t any service that runs at 4am in the morning. Then it dawned upon me. They’re homeless.

I’ve heard and read about the homeless in Singapore, there was even a documentary made to highlight this situation. Abandoned by their children or having no children as they’ve worked pass their prime to settle down, they’ve no one to support them as they grow old and their savings dwindled from the increasing cost of living. The situation is more common than anyone of us would like to admit but the morning quietness of the neighbourhood with no other distractions around you does punctuate this rather strongly.

It got me thinking. As society progresses, and as we grow old and slow down due to our age and being unable to catch up with the progresses as we are able to do so now, will we be eventually left behind to our own devices to be forgotten by everyone else? Will our savings hold out?

Today as the standard of living is rising rapidly, we find it more and more difficult to make ends meet these days, what I’ve seen this morning does trigger a sense of fear and hopelessness about the future.

Granted that we have more access to information and knowledge to help lower the chances of our fate ending as such, there is no guarantee as to what will happen in the future. And what about these folks who’ve not had such information in the past? Are we to just forget them and hope that they will just eventually go away? And even if we are willing to help them, are we able to?

As I spin around my neighbourhood, the peace, quiet and joy of the ride was overshadowed by a sense of fear and uncertainty as I can’t help but wonder if this is the bleak future that we’re all riding into.

Simply a Sunday…

Woke up on Sunday morning around 7. Feeling down. Got some news I didn’t want to hear about on Saturday. Not knowing what to do and not wanting to stay at home wallowing in self pity, I went riding. I rode all the way to the end of East Coast Park, well, almost the end anyway.

I stopped by a bench to take a breather. Only half a bottle out of two of my drinks had been used up and I had ridden further than I had before, not bad, I thought to myself, and I’m still not feeling any strain, yet. So I sat there for a while soaking in the sun and tried to sort out my thoughts. No real solution seem to come to mind, it was not something that could be thought out logically anyway. So my mind wondered instead into thinking about how far I could go if I continue cycling. It was not too long before I was interrupted by my stomach. A growl. That’s all it took to jolt me back to reality.

Hunger. Despite all that was in my mind, my body gave in to the hunger from the cycling. Decided to call a friend staying near East Coast for breakfast. Ended up having breakfast with him and his wife at his place. Chatted with them until almost noon before I set off for the ride back.

After taking the wrong route, nearly getting clipped by a car and almost skidding off a slippery part of the road I made it home through the baking hot noon sun. Interestingly I did not feeling as tired as I thought I would be. A cold shower and a half a bowl of bee hoon later, I actually felt like going for a swim.

Again my body betrayed me for a couple of hours of sleep instead. Upon waking up, I realised that I’m still feeling down but somehow slightly better about having done something for the day. So how was your day?

Ride to chase away the blues…

Just came back from a quick short ride. Only 10km+ in around 25 minutes. Not fast but got me sweating like I just came out from the sauna. I’m feeling rather refreshed now  after the shower.

It’s been a real hectic day. Reached the office and things just got thrown into high gear non stop until 8 this evening. In fact, I was feeling kind of woozy at my 师父’s new gallery studio opening.

First there were the emails and issues that I had to tend to. Clients that don’t behave are always a chore to deal with. To add on to that, we failed to prepare everything for the afternoon meeting with another difficult client. Everybody was running around like headless chickens and somehow I had difficulty reeling them in. Frustrating to say the least, things were not going well at all this Monday.

The meeting was tough. Major change to the plans and we had to cost it in, hopefully the client don’t jump upon seeing the cost revision. Even our experienced presenter was all tapped out at the end. Time is not on our side. Deadline’s around middle of June and we’ve barely started the work.

On a lighter note, the gallery studio’s opening was good. Small little event, not too crowded, food was good, wine was just right and we had a good time chatting with some of the guests. Got to know a couple of interesting people as well.

I’m glad the day is over. Wasn’t feeling so upbeat though, at least not until after the ride, maybe it does help to chase away the blues, at least a bit. Time to catch some sleep, based on the emails I’ve just read, it’s another long day ahead for me.

Hot, warm, humid… But cool…

The weather’s taking a turn for the worse. It’s been getting really warm and humid since yesterday. Despite that, I went for a ride anyway. A friend of mine told me since I’m going to shower anyway, might as well do some exercise before the shower. Makes sense. So off I went.

I was actually kind of worried ‘cos I was already starting to perspire just as I was about to step out of the house. Upon reaching the void deck, I was pleasantly surprised by a light breeze blowing. It was warm but at least there’s some air circulation going on.

Off I went, decided to do the usual route and I planned to do only a really short ride so I ramped up my speed to increase the intensity. Surprisingly, with the wind blowing and the increase in speed, it felt cool. In fact, the whole ride was quite comfortable. Ended up riding more further than I planned but it felt good. A taxi driver even came alongside me and gave me the thumbs up! I thought he might think I’m crazy charging down the road in this heat.

Now I’m back in my room, all showered and I’ve just downed a can of 100plus and will be going to bed soon, another long day ahead. Cheers to another good ride.

Time for recovery…

I think I overdid it on yesterday’s ride. My legs are aching and I’m limping ‘cos something’s hurting on my left. I remember stretching and warming down so I’m not sure what triggered this bout of pain and soreness. I think it’s time for some recovery, to think I’m still going to try for some long distance ride this Friday. Sigh..

Rare day ride on a beautiful evening…

I usually do my rides in the middle of the night where there are less cars on the road but today’s an exception. I was on my way back from cooking class when the evening sun coupled with the strong breeze made the weather look and feel so good. It felt so wrong if I were to just go home and sit there so I took my bike out for a short ride.

Seeing how beautiful the weather was, I decided to lay back and enjoy the ride by taking it slow and trying another route that I’ve been meaning to try out. I was really mistaken to think that it would be an easier ride than my usual circuit.

The wind was blowing really strong and somehow I was riding into the wind most of the time. I was going slower than usual, struggling more, tiring out faster and my heart rate was above my preset range for most of the ride.

Surprisingly this new route doesn’t seem to require me to stop as often for vehicles, I should try this route for my usual night rides. There’s also more uphill sections but it turned out to be a good route for some good leg work. I’m wondering why I didn’t try this route before.

Near the end of the ride I realised why I’m tiring out faster and going slower. In all the excitement about the nice weather and trying out the new route, I’ve forgotten to pace myself, I was just bulldozing through the ride on a really high gear. After realising my mistake, I geared down and started pacing myself and taking note of my cadence and heart rate. Soon after that I was back into my regular speed and wasn’t feeling as tired.

Finished the ride with a short sprint to the open space car park. While I was doing some warming down and stretching, I realised that there’s actually quite a considerable amount of people who are actually doing some form of exercise around this area. There are people having a game of street soccer in the street soccer corner and there’s also a game going on at the soccer field in the school next to it. Also, a few groups of families are just hanging around and enjoying each other’s company before dinner.

Overall a very nice way to spend the evening, I should try and do this more often.


I REALLY have to find a way to deal with this hunger after rides. Especially when I do most of my rides in the middle of the night. Water’s not helping and food would put all that riding to waste. Grrr… I really hate this feeling…

UPDATE: Gave up. Had an apple.