Down with Jawbone Up…

The Jawbone Up is a motion powered device that tracks your activity level and sleep quality. The product was relatively successful when it was initially launched but was recalled due to durability issues. It was recently relaunched and seemed to have a better success this time round.

I received one as a birthday present when it was initially launched (friend bought it from US) and really liked the device. I liked how the device and apps that support it were well integrated almost seamlessly. It’s even supported by MyFitnessPal, a web application that I use to track my calorie consumption and expenditure.

However, the device went dead after less than a week of usage and I had no way of returning it for a warranty or refund as Jawbone does not support user in my country.

The second time it was launched, I found it on the Apple Store in Singapore. I thought that would mean that warranty would not an issue and so I decided to try it out again as I really liked the product.

A few weeks ago, after 4 months of usage, the device died again. Jawbone really got to work harder on the quality control. I thought it would simply be a matter of sending it back to Apple and exchanging it for a new set, however, that appear to be wishful thinking on my part. Apparently, according to Apple, I had to go back to Jawbone for the warranty of their products sold in the Apple Online Store.

I then contacted Jawbone and was told, to my disappointment, that they are not allowed to send the replacement Jawbone Up device to Singapore due to some customs restrictions and I have to find a proxy address in one of the countries (US) that do not impose any customs restrictions.

This absolutely makes no sense. If there are custom restrictions, then how is it that Singapore’s Apple Online Store is able to sell the product here? Are they importing the products illegally?

Apple doesn’t provide me with any way to contact them regarding this and Jawbone has stonewalled me. I’m recommending (not that my opinion matter) that consumers in SG who wants to get the Jawbone Up to not purchase it until they first, sort out their quality issue and warranty arrangements.

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