Life is like running.

There are days where everything seems to fall in place. The pace is good, the temperature is just right. The light breeze lightly touching your face as you move forward and your feet seem to just float and glide across the road without resistance. Your breathing is smooth and you feel like you could go on forever.

Then there are days where you struggle to even get up from your bed. You question why you’re doing this and you don’t even feel like putting on your cloths. When you finally step out of the house, you complain about the still and humid air. Basically you complain about anything and everything. Then you just grit your teeth and run. One. Step. At. A. Time. At the end of it, you don’t feel as good but you’ll still feel better. Somehow.

That is why life is like running. During the ups, enjoy it. Cherish the moment and thank God for it. During the downs, just grit your teeth and move on. Even if it’s just one single step at a time. Somehow you’ll feel much better at the end of it.

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