My thoughts on Runkeeper and Garmin…

I’ve been running quite a bit the last year or so and I’ve been using the Garmin Forerunner 910XT to track my progress. I love the device, it’s simple and accurate. However, sometimes I feel that it’ll be nice if there’s a way to sync each session to MyFitnessPal automatically. It’ll also be good if I could just have all my workout and music device all in one. It’s just me. Lazy.

A few weeks ago I decided to try out RunKeeper, which is one of the apps that can actually sync my workout directly with MyFitnessPal. I actually bought a Polar bluetooth heart rate monitor so that I could record my heart rate, get the calorie information that I’m looking to sync to MyFitnessPal.

So far it’s not been working well. Every run I tried to record so far is always missing a chunk of the data because the GPS couldn’t get a reading and thus not recording those portions of the workout or the app mysteriously going into pause mode despite me starting the workout. Also, running the GPS, bluetooth and music streaming app all at the same time really consumes a lot of battery for every workout.

Maybe it’s the device I’m using or the app that I’m using but I’m figure it’s too much of a trouble to troubleshoot for now. I’m going back to using my Garmin device for now and try again when I have more time.

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