I miss the routine…

As I near the end of my hospitalisation leave, I started back into the following daily routine.

  1. Wake up before 6am.
  2. Put aside sleeping stuff (blankets, pillows, bed mattress).
  3. Change into my running gear.
  4. Go for a quick run.
  5. End the run at the hawker centre.
  6. Buy breakfast home for mum, dad and myself.
  7. Shower when I reach home.
  8. Have breakfast with folks.

All in all, I’m done with the above by 8am and I’m ready to start work if I’m working. There is no pressure to hit a certain time and I really miss this routine.

These days, it’s more like the following. 

  1. Wake up before 6am.
  2. Shower and dress for work.
  3. Make breakfast and some meals that I consume in the office.
  4. Have my breakfast.

All the above have to be done by around 7.15am or 7.30am latest. Else I would be late for some quiet time and a cup of coffee at the cafe near the office. I have to be in the office before 8.30am so there’s this nagging feeling at the back of my mind all the time.

I miss the first routine. Going to find a way to incorporate that routine into my current work-life.

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