Why do we write? Why do I write? Frankly, I don’t know. I realised that I missed writing, especially in the last couple of months.

But what do I really miss writing? Is it a certain topic? Or am I simply missing the sensation of typing on the keyboard and hearing the clicks of the keys as my fingers pound onto them?

Maybe it’s because there’s a cool notion to being a writer? Or the sense of power when you know that your written words have some form of influence or power over someone else?

How about the freedom that comes with it? Maybe when I was running my own business, I wasn’t really into running a business but more into the freedom that I was experiencing? Maybe I’m just mistakenly thinking that writing would help me achieve that? But if writing was to become my profession, would I still enjoy it as much? Am I just being delusional?

Maybe I shouldn’t be even be thinking about this given my lack of flair in the language itself?

Lots of maybe but nothing conclusive.

To be continued…

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